This is an organic and evolving project for survivors of sexual assault.  With your permission, your story will be shared and incorporated into the “1 in 5 That’s my Story” project.  Your story will become a part of a future project that will help to provide script for a play, an educational presentation or will become a part of a documentary on violence against women.  You can share your story anonymously, using your first name only, and alias, or provide your full name if you so choose.  Your story will NOT be used without your permission.  When sharing your story, please be as detailed as you can, and try to provide dates, times and places where the assault(s) took place.  We understand that sharing your story could cause a “trigger” in you that will bring the memory of your assault back, and we appreciate your willingness to do this.  Sexual assault is NEVER justified, and each time we speak out, we can HELP to end the cycle of abuse.  Your personal experience, whether you believe it to be egrigeous or minor is real and IMPORTANT to this project.  Please complete, sign and return the waiver form on the next page so that your story can be a part of the dialogue to EXPOSE and END sexual assault!  We believe you and your story!